The show

Organizer WB Evenementen has been organizing fairs for collectors of modelcars and scale modellers before, such as in Leek (formerly Drachten) and twice a year in Eindhoven. Now for the first time in the Expo Houten, where WB Evenementen organizes large collectors fairs for many years.

MINITRUCK is, as far as we know, the only event in the EU where scalemodels of trucks only is organized. Scalemodellers as well as sellers of scalemodels and everything related to scale modelling will attend at this event. In the Expo Houten, a hall of no less than 5500sm is available for this show.


For exhibiting modellers (who are offered a free table to do so), seperate sections are set up per scale.

This for the scales: 1 to 87, 1 to 50, 1 to 24/25 and 1 to 14/16 (RC).

Some more scalemodellers will be representing the scales 1 to 64, 1 to 43, 1 to 32 and the impressive scale 1 to 4.

Welcome are scale models of trucks, special and heavy transport, service trucks and crane trucks. Note: for this last category, it is NOT allowed that the crane of a model will be unfolded (set up). This emphasizes the transport of the crane and not the use of the crane itself!

If you are interested in exhibiting at this event, please do contact the organization of the show by email!

A large track will be laid out on the floor on which RC demos will be given during the event.

Near this RC section there will be an LEGO exposition of around 60m of tables with LEGO trucks only in different scales.


It is expected that many dozens of dealers will be present at this event. Not only for the sale of scale models at different scales, but also with stands in the field of scale modeling (including kits and materials). And especially those who are specialized in truck modeling.

But this event MINITRUCK is broader in scope. For example, sellers of truck books, merchandise truck brands and truck documentation (such as photos) are invited to attend. Truckspotters from the Utrecht Region are also approached to present themselves.


In this first edition of this annual event, we would like to thank an number of companies that support the initiative for this new event and almost all of whom will be present with a booth. In random order these are: IMC Models, Marge Models, De Kleine Benelux (representing the brands Herpa, Solido, Rietze Automodelle en Schuco), FMB Shop, NZG, and Wetronic (represents Tamiya).